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Dan’s Papers, Issue #35, November 24, 2006

Honoring the Artist: Adam Smith

The week’s cover artist, Adam Smith, is a testament to tenaciousness, considering that he has stuck with his job as a graphic artist all these years while still pursuing his own creative endeavors. We talked to Mr. Smith about this process and his plans for the future.

Q: The pumpkin patch cover is not only indigenous to this area, particularly the North Fork, but also indicative of your own life.

A: Yes, although I live in Selden now, I grew up here in Long Island, in Port Jefferson where my family was really into boating. Even though I studied art at Syracuse University, I still settled in this area, working in Westhampton and now at Searles Graphics in Yaphank for the last seven years.

Q: How did Syracuse prepare you for the art profession?

A: I majored in illustration, but I had a well-rounded education in the visual arts too. I began to think I could actually make money at art. My training enabled me to get a full-time job in graphic design. I’m lucky because nowadays it’s hard; a lot of illustrations are stock drawings.

Q: But despite your fortunate situation, you still have another desire? (more…)